Medieval Armoured Combat Ireland is the umbrella organisation dedicated to promoting full-contact medieval armoured combat in Ireland and train fighters to represent the country at in
ternational tournaments such as the IMCF World Championships, Battle of the Nations and smaller regional competitions.

Although the exact rules may differ from event to event in general the sport is a close
approximation of a Medieval tournament melee. Fighters use historically accurate armour and weapons. Strikes are delivered full force and kicks, throws and grapples are allowed.

The male team categories include 5 v 5, 10 v 10 and 16 v 16, where the goal is to get all of the opposing team on the ground.
There is a 3 v 3 female team category also; it is hoped that the number of female team categories can be expanded in time as numbers grow.

In 1 v 1, there are 3 categories (for both male and female competitors); Polearm, longsword, sword & shield. These categories are fought on a points basis over 60 second rounds; decisive strikes and disarms score points.