It is a revival of the medieval foot combat tournament, fighters go toe to toe in both duels and group fights, wearing full armour and wielding blunt steel weapons.

Nope, the strikes with sword, axe and mace are full force and the fighters are all in there to win, there is no holding back or choreography involved. Ten seconds into seeing your first live fight you’ll be in no doubt about whether it’s real or staged.

Just start coming to training! We currently have training groups in Dublin, Cork, Galway Mayo and Waterford, and we are always willing to expand if we aren’t close to you. You don’t need any special equipment to train, just comfortable clothing for training, water and maybe a light snack, we provide the rest! If you are serious and want to get armour and all that we can advise on trustworthy suppliers.

No. I know one fighter still going strong in his 70’s (he’s a former Marine, Vietnam veteran, so he might be an exception), I’ve fought a Canadian who only had one leg, and I know fighters who have dropped half their weight and totally revitalised their lives for the sport. If you are determined and dedicated there is no reason you can’t do this, and you don’t need to be a fitness machine to get started, we’ll help you build on whatever you have starting out.

No more dangerous than rugby, boxing or a whole host of other sports that people do on a weekly basis. The simple fact is that the armour does what it was designed to do, it offers fantastic protection. This, combined with well trained marshals, ready to stop a fight at the slightest hint of an issue makes the risk of serious injury very low.

In general, no. The respect and sportsmanship is very high, sometimes tempers flare but not often. You fight your hardest, then help each other up, and congratulate the winner.

A lead pipe is blunt as well, but I don’t want to get hit with one! The weapons are blunt, just as they would have been in a medieval tournament, they can still hurt a lot though.

All of the armour we use is as accurate as we can make it, with some allowances for safety. It is all metal, with no plastic or composite materials allowed. An average suit of armour will weigh between 20kg to 35kg.

Your vision, as well as hearing, is greatly compromised by your helmet.  Training, awareness of your surroundings, and experience help the better fighters keep track of the action.

There are many talented armourers and weaponsmiths worldwide.  Many countries have team members that also make armour.

We train all over the country and can also be found at events all around the country, especially during the Summer. Our home is at Claregalway Castle in Galway and it is the location for our biggest annual event; the Claregalway Castle Shield, an international tournament that is starting to turn into a proper festival. Internationally we have fought in France, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Canada & even Japan, among others

Most airlines are very accommodating, but it is challenging to meet weight requirements.  A few competitors have even worn their armour on the plane!

If you go to http://www.medieval-combat.net/members you can follow links to most of the participating countries’ websites. If that doesn’t work conntact us and we’ll do our best to help you out!