I’ve been involved with MACI right from the start, before then even, when we were introduced to the idea of full-contact fighting in armour, I thought it was absolutely insane and desperately wanted to take part. I think I’ll be involved until I get taken away in a box, if my body betrays me and I can’t fight anymore I’ll quite happily marshal, coach, carry gear or just cheer from the stands. The people I have met in this sport have become some of my closest friends, even if I only see some of them once or twice a year at international competitions. I have a Masters in Archaeology from U.C.D where I specialised in Combat Archaeology: the study of the mechanics of combat, especially through experimentation. That is how I originally got involved; I wanted to have a better understanding of what wearing armour was like, and there really is no better way than putting the stuff on and getting stuck in. At the last 2 World Championships I have had the honour of representing Ireland in the sword and shield competition, and will hopefully retain my spot for the 2017 World Championships in Denmark, although I know I have some challengers out for my spot.ption