So how did I get involved in this madness known as Medieval Armoured Combat?
Well back in late 2015 Medieval Armoured Combat were hosting their very first Claregalway Shield Tournament, and were looking for volunteers to help out. And sure with nothing better to do I decided, “why not? Could be a bit of craic.” From the moment I saw the lads walking around in armour, the glorious sounds of ringing steel as blade clashed against blade, and the cheers of the crowd, and seeing the comradery between the fighters there, I knew then and there, I wanted in. So after talking to the lads, asking in a very excited voice; “how the hell do I get in on this?”
I was invited along to a training in session in November. For a few months I trained with the lads enjoying myself immensely. Then in July of 2016 I got to fight in armour for the very first time, and I have to say it is a moment I will never forget for as long as I live. The weight of the armour settling upon me, the visor closing with a dull clump noise, my field of vision narrowed, my own breathing louder inside the helm, quickening with excitement, I wondered what the hell had I got myself into? Standing opposite me was Piotr, who proceeded to show exactly how one uses a long sword. I was destroyed, and I didn’t care because it was some of the greatest fun I have ever had. In October of 2016 I got to take part as a fighter in the Claregalway Shield alongside my comrades in arms. I fought people from around Europe, U.S.A, and Quebec, then eat and drink with them!
In all my life I have never felt such a sense of excitement and comradery mixed up altogether like I have in this sport. The people you get to meet from around the world, and then getting to fight them, followed by some drinks after, what’s not to like about it all!!!